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Key to our successful manufacturing of quality products lies in state-of-the-art production processes and facilities as well as experienced employees.

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Our Equipment

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We have more than 50 sets of pre-treatment and dyeing and finishing equipment, and more than 20 sets of finishing equipment. We have a complete production process: from raw material procurement, warping machine...etc to coiling machine, shipping machine. We have our own R&D center, which can color, test, do various tests, such as color fastness test, tensile test, PH value test...etc. Laboratory research and development and innovation.

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Our R & D Center

Strict Commissioning and Testing

With professional R & D personnel and testing equipment, we provide strong support for each piece of fabric.We pass some standard tests to meet the international requirements for textiles and apparel fabrics. In order to ensure that the products are qualified, we conduct quality inspections on every detail of the fabrics in the production process, so as to do our best to meet your requirements for fabric quality . Our laboratory testing items include color fastness to washing, acid-base perspiration fastness, dry and wet rubbing fastness, elasticity, fuzzing and pilling, pH value, chromatic aberration, sensory evaluation and other tests.

Our Quality control

Quality and innovation

  • Adhere to the concept of safe production
  • Adhere to the concept of environmental protection
  • Adhere to the concept of quality innovation
  • Adhere to the cost-effective concept
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